Thursday, May 31, 2012

Long Beach, Memorial Day, pre-Beryl

Nothing initiates summer for us quite like a beach trip, and this year we headed back to Long Beach for the umpteenth time. Subtropical storm Beryl was hanging around south of here, doing some very odd storm stuff, so we kept an eye on it (or, we checked various weather websites to try and figure out what the heck it was doing). Beryl left us untouched until late Tuesday night, but here's some photos of our pre-Beryl fun:

Looking west down the beach; vision partially obstructed by a can of Tecate.

Sitting in the surf, watching the wheels go by. I just love to watch them roll.

Barrie's feet in the ocean.

High winds blowing sand. Some slight leg sandblasting was endured.

Fun in the surf with our friends Mark & Cindy.

Barrie and Cindy guffaw.

Down at the point at low tide.

Big clouds hovered over the land for days.

These laughing gulls were chattering away as we walked by.

Our abode for the week.

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