Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer and the living is easy: photo roundup

Some photos from late June and early July, during the heat wave.  Some of the back yard and neighborhood, some others from the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library Friends of the Library Garden Tour.
Daisies on our back fence

Garden Tour. Brightly painted chair and bottle tree.

Garden viewed from the sunken basketball court.

Gloved fence and watering implements.

Cautionary signage on rock steps during the Garden Tour.  Yes, it did wobble.

Buddha in the garden on the Garden Tour.

Prayer wheels on the Garden Tour.

Barrie gazin' in the gardens on the Tour.

More color, from the same house as the above Blue Chair.

Yet another Blue Chair!
My favorite yard on the Garden Tour had this croquet court, plus a great view of Paris Mountain.

Nicely appointed croquet set.

Back in our humble yard, with Virginia Creeper vines on an old stump in the woody corner.
Squash blossom in our garden