Monday, June 21, 2010

Solstice morning wildflower patch

Last summer I decided, on a whim, to let several large swaths of the yard go unmowed. We let the grass grow all summer, dubbing these areas "the sergeneti."  They were a big hit with the dogs, who loved to run through the tall grass.  About mid summer, however, we plowed up a patch in the middle of this grassy spot and planted wildflowers.

 A view of the wildflower bed from the deck
The results were so wonderful that this year we decided to plant a large wildflower bed in the middle of the backyard. Here's some pictures of the wildflower patch, taken on the first morning of summer, a few minutes after the actual solstice.

We planted a mixture with lots of cool, as-of-yet unidentified flowers.

Taking a solo, thank you.

 Another view, highlighting the variety and color.

Bright, blue, sunward gazing.

Asta watches from the deck.

Another happy flower enjoys the Summer Solstice.