Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow, flooding, and other stuff

The weather provided a bit of drama last month, including this sudden Friday snowstorm. Views are from the top floor of the library looking over campus.

Heavy rains hit the New River Valley which flooded the New River. Water was released from the dam upstream at Claytor Lake and RU didn't warn students in time to move their cars from the riverside parking lot. You can see the flooded river in the photo below and the submerged cars in the photo below that. These photos were also taken from the fifth floor of McConnell Library.

The New River swelling over its banks.
Zooming in shows the tops of submerged cars.

Meanwhile, while the weather raged, I took a few interior shots.
Bottles on the windowsill.

Tops of the same bottles.

Curved things on my work desk.
Repaired section of my backyard fence. A wind-damaged branch fell and took out several boards.  These are the bright and shiny replacement boards. "Good fences make good neighbors"

Friday, February 15, 2013

December hike post that slipped through the cracks....

We took a short, late afternoon hike to the upper trails of the Bottom Creek Gorge in early December.  I added these photos and never got around to posting them to the blog.  Now I have.
Winter berries

Just some fun guys hanging out

Birds were here

Barrie on the trail. The nature preserve is right beside a hunting camp and it was deer season, so the orange was in order.

More fun guys with sticks!