Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I came in through the bathroom window: staycation and home improvements

A week of home-bound staycation was highlighted by a new bathroom window! We enlisted the services of Sean & Andrew at Slate Creek Builders, and they did excellent work.
Andrew removes the sheet rock in the bathroom.

Light peeks in the new orifice. A ladder was in transition when this photo was taken.

Andrew and Sean replacing the siding.
Let there be light! It's an eastern facing window and the morning light is quite nice.
While I was at home during the window installation, I called the power company to come and remove a long-unused light pole in our backyard. Here they are taking it down:
They were very careful about not stomping on Mom's hydrangeas.

While construction counted for several days of my staycation, I did manage to have some fun otherwise.  Asta, of course, was ready to romp at any time. Here she is in the morning light:

Note my nicely backlit tail.
Barrie and I explored a wonderful trail at the Nature Conservancy's Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve. There are a number of late 19th-early 20th century homesteads throughout the Preserve, which means you stumble upon rusted iron bed frames in the woods:

Nap time!
One of the trails leads to an overlook that looks across the gorge to Bent Mountain Falls:
Bent Mountain Falls

Barrie on the trail.

Back home in the backyard.
A nice beverage in the backyard.  Hello summer!

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we_be_toys said...

We love so many of the same things - that old iron bed was fabulous, out there in the woods, what a gorgeous place to go hike!I LOVED your blue Adirondacks, and your new window has a perfect view of that wonderful old tree!