Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just another day at work...

A few photos of the workplace, taken last Friday.  Yes, students were coming in the library on Friday afternoon!

Friday afternoon activity in front of the library. 
I'm processing a Coal and Labor Unions collection, which includes some of these pamphlets. "John L. Lewis Speaks to Youth!"

Some pamphlets from the Coal and Labor Collection that I'm processing.
We just bought this classic book of Appalachian photographs:

A classic Appalachian photography book that we just purchased.
A corner of my desktop:

My desktop, complete with a cup of readable tea leaves and the compact shelving key (with the blue, green, and red buttons). Not to mention the Brother Thelonious Ale mouse pad.
In honor of Downton Abbey, I just did a blog post and a display of G. A. Henty books, which are mentioned in Downton Abbey. Yep, I got all BBC on this one.

G.A. Henty books ready to be put on display. Note for my archivist friends: these books already had library markings and labels. We recently moved them into the Rare Book Collection and relabeled them. 
After working on the above stuff, I zipped out of my office and went down this staircase:
The Lewis Carroll Alice In Wonderland stairwell in the library.
Only to arrive outside in the Alumni Garden next to the library for the next several photos:

Topiary in the Alumni Garden beside the library.

The bell and cornerstone from the original Radford Administration Building, now in the Alumni Garden. You can also see the original 1932 library building (to the left) and the 1960's library addition.

Bird feeders in the Alumni Garden. Secured against pilfering - but from birds or humans?
Students playing Hacky Sack in front of Reed Science building, as seen from the Alumni Gardens.

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Pat Day said...

Most people spend the majority of their lives at a work place but few have any pictures to prove that they weren't at home sitting on the couch in their underwear watching tv all day. Pleasant surroundings, thanks for sharing.