Saturday, January 14, 2012

Little Stony Creek: Autumn Photo Log VI

I started the winter break with a hike up Little Stony Creek in Giles County, a scant two days before the solstice and the start of winter proper. It was a cold, clear morning when we pulled into the parking lot around 10 AM - and much to my surprise, the parking lot was empty. Since Little Stony Creek is also the trail to the Cascades - one of the most popular trails in Virginia - it was a rare delight to start the trek without any other hikers.  Asta and I donned our blaze orange (it being hunting season, after all) and hit the trail. While the attraction of this trail is often considered to be the Cascades at the end, I actually enjoy the two miles of hiking beside Little Stony Creek better than the waterfall and pool at the end. Here's a photo essay of our trip:

Looking upstream from the lower part of the trail
A mid-creek cairn -- could it possibly be directional?
A series of stone steps and walkways mark the upper part of the trail.
 The sun was clearing the ridge as we headed downstream.
On the trail below the Cascades
Asta, ever the herding dog, checks to see if I'm keeping up.
The Cascades

Looking downstream from the second bridge.

Probably the most iconic image of the New River Valley.


FairiesNest said...

The trail up is my favorite part too. It feels like something straight out of Tolkien's Middle Earth, I expect to meet "elves, sir!' around every bend.

Bantering Bibliocrat said...

It was especially magical without anyone else on the trail. Asta had a blast! The sun started to creep over the ridge as we neared the Cascades proper, and was dazzling on the upper creek on the way down.