Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Interiors, Early Snow: Autumn Photo Log, Part IV

Some hiking photos and indoor shots provide fodder for this installment of the Autumn Photo log. We trekked up to our favorite and oft-documented nearby trail, War Spur Loop, for a nice morning hike a week or so ago. At about 4000' elevation, the trail had traces of snow on the north slopes (but the sunny southern slopes weren't snowy at all).  The next two photos show leaves poking through the snow, with slanting morning sun illuminating the leaves.

Snowy leaf on War Spur Loop.

Same photo as above, uncropped.

Back home, our Thanksgiving/Christmas Cacti (Schlumbergera truncata) have been in full bloom. Morning sun catches the cacti in the sunroom, while afternoon sun lights the cacti on the kitchen windowsill. The following are different blooms in the kitchen, followed by four photos of assorted pointy and round things from the succulent table in the sunroom.
 Christmas Cactus threatens a nearby purple object.

Big ol' bright Christmas Cacti blooms
Another view of the above Valley of Christmas Cacti Blooms
Sharp things on the succulent shelf.

More pointy things, only orange.

Succulent things, but not really grapes.

Scary flowers.

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