Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Frost & Attack of the Hay Bales: Autumn Photo Log, Part III

 More photos in the Autumn photo series. The following are taken from the hill near our house. This is what the outskirts of Blacksburg look like....when threatened by hay bales.

Hay bales seen approaching from the east, sauntering up the hill from the North Fork of the Roanoke River.

Oh no, they're coming over the hill from the other direction!
Deceptively still, these are slowly coming across the valley.
More hay bales. The peril! Unleash the cattle!
Silliness aside, it's been a great fall for taking photos.  The first hard frost came last weekend, covering the Blue Ridge near Woolwine. 

Taken from Handy Orchards, Hwy. 8, Woolwine, Virginia.
Leaves in the icy birdbath.

Backyard fungi.

Post-frost flowers, a bit battered.
Partially turned maple leaf, down the mountain in Greensboro.
Mark and Cindy's cat Calliope watches from their front porch.

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FairiesNest said...

Lovely pictures! I'm particularly fond of the last one...;)