Sunday, November 10, 2013

Studio Stroll in the River Arts District

Asheville's River Arts District is a cool and funky area of industrial reclamation in the name of art. Set in a former industrial district along the French Broad River, the RAD features a number of old warehouses and industrial sites that have been reclaimed as artists' studios and galleries, with a brewery and a few eating establishments tossed in for good measure. The New York Times even noticed, adding this account about the RAD in what appears to be an actual Travel section dedicated to Asheville and our environs.

The artists in the RAD host a Studio Stroll twice a year, and yesterday we spent the cool and overcast afternoon walking from studio to studio. Here's a few images from our afternoon.
We started our afternoon at the Riverview Station, an old warehouse converted to studio space and galleries.

Where we were.

Upstairs in Riverview Station. Some areas are lightly covered with art with plenty of "old warehouse ambiance".

Old warehouse wall with umbrella.
Hula hoops and hose beside an indoor dog agility track, down the hall from art galleries.

This dog didn't appear to be competing in the agility trials.

Metal bug eyes beside a garden, with Barrie strolling in the background.

Artist below the stairs.

Man with camera in round mirror.

Barrie taking photos.
Sparkling things abound.

Globe light with Australian accent.

This is in an old industrial district. A railroad roundhouse is just down the road. The rails are still active, and you can see....
...fully loaded coal trains running right beside artists' gallery spaces.

I love Barrie's expression! Besides that, this photo is a model of bad composition, featuring the iconic "tree coming out of the head" 

More shiny art.


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