Saturday, May 25, 2013

St. Ives, Part 1

We spent about a week at the seaside town of St. Ives, Cornwall. Here's the first round of photos from St. Ives.
Looking across the roofs from the front door of our apartment.

View from our beachfront balcony, looking to the Island (which really isn't).

We spent a great deal of time just walking around St. Ives on the steep cobblestone streets.
St. Ives has four different beaches.We were staying in The Piazza on Porthmeor Beach.

View of Porthmeor Beach from the Island

Looking back to the harbor from the Island.

The Island has an old stone seaman's chapel on it that was built sometime in the distant past. Most things in England seem to have a distinct history, but this one was vague. There's a trail along the base of the Island, and this was taken from the trail. 
Dogs were everywhere in England, and seem much more accepted in public places (pubs, restaurants, etc.) than in the U.S.  Here's a frolicking poodle in the harbor at low tide.

More people with dogs at low tide.

Gardens at Tregenna Castle, which is a large 19th century house converted to an inn on the hill above St. Ives.
Tregenna Castle Inn. "Please do keep on the grass"

Barrie uphill on one of our many walks.

The local Anglican church.
Someone in St. Ives is becoming very, very good at all-net shots.
Practice court without a backboard.

Gardens looking out over the town. Note the palms.

Parking is expensive. St. Ives has become a resort town with limited real estate.  You can buy a parking place that comes with a locked parking guard pole. 

More gardens.

Another garden, this one with colored fishing net floats.

Sunset from our apartment balcony.

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