Sunday, January 13, 2013

War Spur Loop during midwinter spring

Yesterday was an unseasonable 60+ degrees so we headed up to War Spur Loop after breakfast. It rained quite late in the week and the forest floor was soaked. It alternated between cloudy and sunny and the cloudy times really brought out the greens in the forest. The moss was bright green in stark contrast to the wet brown and tan of the leaf-strewn forest floor and trail.  Asta had a blast, and spent a few minutes running in a gleeful figure-eight in the wet forest. And, it being hunting season in Virginia, she was sporting her nice bright vest. 
Asta coming to herd me as a dawdle along.
The moss was rather vibrant

Mossy rocks looking up the hill from the trail.

So, there was this hole in the tree trunk.....
....and Asta came to investigate.
Another mossy tree.
A number of recently downed trees covered the trail.
Mossy lichen type stuff.

Rock, trees, leaves.
The recurring mossy tree theme

Asta peers off the trail.

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FairiesNest said...

I took several photos of moss and lichens today on our hike too! It must be the thing to do during Midwinter Spring. :)