Sunday, November 18, 2012

Autumnal Photo Project: Random Photos and Abstracts

A handful of recent photos, including some abstract images.
Abstract: Lampshade

Abstract: Living Room Lights, Panned.

Leaf tucked into large metal flower

Gazing into the bottle

Bou surveys the yard from top of the deck stairs

Backlit trees in the neighborhood

Dusk with moon over Blacksburg

Cardinal in the rhodo hedge outside my study window

Coaster and water bottle.

Yew (?) berries

Dusk at Radford

Dusk at Radford, taken in front of McConnell Library looking toward Tyler Hall


FairiesNest said...

Bee-yoo-ti-ful!!! The dusk moon and yew berries are my favorites but they're all wonderful!

Bantering Bibliocrat said...

Thanks CindyLou!