Friday, October 19, 2012

Autumnal Photo Project - October 19

Fall colors were accentuated the other morning when it was somewhat cloudy soon after sunrise and the light was filtered through the clouds. The first few photos were taken around 7:30 AM near our house.
Our house in the early October light.
Looking up the street.

Maple tree in the neighbor's yard.
Buddha in the hostas.
The next few were taken from the car at various stoplights and roadside areas on the way to and from work.
Lane Stadium, Virginia Tech

Sunrise in Christiansburg
Another view of sunrise at the stoplight, with a trash truck entering the scene
I'm glad I didn't stop to drink the water at this spring.
A few images from a sunny afternoon walk in the neighborhood last weekend:

Horses on the hill

Tree on the hill. Look closely and you can see several pairs of tennis shoes dangling from the branches.
Geeky stuff: the top 4 and last 2 photos were taken with an Olympus E-PM1, the rest with a Panasonic ZS15.

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