Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Winter wanes...

Spring's on the way...technically, it's here, since the sun has done its yearly jaunt across the celestial equator on its northward passage -- an event commonly known as the vernal equinox. Winter's letting go slowly, as is its wont and whim. Nights are still in the 40s, but the days are creeping up into the 70s. Fortunately it's been raining, which we certainly need. Early spring, cool and damp.

So it's time for a goodbye to winter, thanks to a quick romp through my iPhoto files.

Our snow-covered street, unplowed and happy for it:

Asta enjoyed the snow, and found that her flying ring didn't slip below the snow's surface like her old standby tennis balls did. Her she poses between frolics in the backyard:

We took a drive up to the War Spur Loop trail, in the Wilderness area on top of Salt Pond Mountain. While the snow was nearly gone down in Blacksburg, the snow was still six inches deep at War Spur's 4000 foot altitude. Here's the trailhead:


FairiesNest said...

Look at that beautiful puppy! Mattie wishes she could have had some snow to play in this winter...we do too!

Bantering Bibliocrat said...

And quite a contrast to when we all hit this trail...you'll be here soon!