Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lighthouse Deliverance Church

Last fall I drove by when someone – I assume the minister or an inspired congregant –was out painting this mural on the previously unadorned front of the Lighthouse Deliverance chapel.

Located near Plum Creek, VA, between Radford and Christiansburg, this log cabin of worship a one my favorite examples of local folk art. Check out the crown of thorns, the lightning bolts, and the stigmata on this cornerstone Jesus.


Ashley Sampson said...

My stepdad is the one who painted that picture on the front of the church. He is an artist and a minister of the church. Glad you liked it. It took days and it's great that someone noticed such a great work of art.
- Ashley Sampson

Steve Harvey said...

I am the artist in question. My name is Steve Harvey.My signature is below and to the side of our Lords left foot.I was able to take a week off of work in june of last year.It took 8 days to complete it. In fact-- the last brush stroke was still drying when services started Sunday morning.God was the one who gave me the inspiration for the mural/sign.I couldn't have done it without him.Considering the heat that week cloudless skies and working my part-time job still on top of it my family didn't get to see much of me that week.I'm truely glad and blessed it has reached so many people -there is always an open invitation to attend our services and see what God has for you. Services start at 11:00 am each Sunday and go until 2:00-3:00pm. Again may the Lord richly bless everyone.